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Pentair is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, controls, and automatic cleaners.  They are passionate about being an “Industry Leader” in all phases, applying that leadership philosophy to everything they do.  That includes the strategy and execution of marketing tactics and paid media efforts.


Pool equipment is not exactly a “sexy” consumer product like the newest Tesla or iPhone. In all honesty, a consumer is not likely bragging to their neighbor about the new variable speed pump they’re saving up to buy. Instead, they’re talking about the “dream” pool they plan to build, which will ultimately include a suite of Pentair products when it is a reality.


Shift the focus from the equipment onto the end result that consumers really care about, a jaw-dropping pool. We introduced this idea in 2016, when we presented the idea of leveraging content that focused on a “Powered by Pentair” theme.  It included opportunities to highlight this message via sponsored content, print exposure, and social media. Fast forward three years and Pentair’s paid content strategy has been elevated to a level that is transforming the industry and encouraging publications to re-think how they engage with their audiences.


The success of the program starts with a new approach to sponsored content.  Most clients view sponsored content with the thought that if are paying for it, they want to control every aspect of the writing.  Unfortunately, what usually results is a product-focused article that reads like a stale brochure.  We take a different approach, one that takes the writing out of the client’s hands and into that of a seasoned writer with industry experience. The result is a piece of content that is enjoyable to read and speaks to their readers needs, create real value.  This content is then adapted for multiple channels (print/web/social) and strategically placed in front of key audiences.

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