National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) Integrated Media Campaign

Case Study

Ndational Foundation for Credit Counseling

NFCC is a non-profit organization, founded in 1951, dedicated to improving consumer’s financial well-being. They accomplish this by providing financial education & programming via experienced local financial advisors committed to helping their clients achieve financial stability.

NFCC recognized that small business owners often struggle with the financial aspects of starting & growing a business. Many small business owners are passionate about their craft and unaware of all the financial decisions that need to be made when managing their business. In response, NFCC designed an education program and expanded their service offering to empower small business owners with the financial skills and knowledge needed to be successful.


NFCC now had a small business offering that would change and empower small business owners but no one knew it existed. They needed to develop a media plan that would establish a baseline of awareness for the program and create an opportunity for small business owners to connect with the new resources.


A media strategy was developed to support and engage small business owners across multiple touch points. Social Media (Facebook & LinkedIn) & Online Display (banner ads) were utilized to creative a foundation of awareness of the new program among small business owners. Paid Search was leveraged to connect with the small business owner that was actively looking for financial resources. Keywords and ad copy were developed to help NFCC stand out from competitors and carve out a niche in the small business advisor ecosystem. Site Retargeting was deployed to nurture small business owners that visited the NFCC program page but did not formally connect. Specific retargeting messaging was used to continue the conversation with this qualified audience and encourage small business owners to explore the NFCC program at a deeper level. Small business owners were encouraged to call NFCC directly or complete an online form to be connected with a local small business advisor.


The campaign launched in early 2018 with an emphasis on Awareness for the first 4 months, evaluated based on targeted impression volume and program interest (clicks & time on site). After the initial phase, the campaign shifted to focus on Engagement, a priority was placed on activating the small business audience and generating connections (leads) for local financial advisors. Over the next few months cost per lead was cut in half and the year ended with efficiency gains realized each quarter. Now halfway through year two, engagement rate remains high, cost per lead is 30% lower than 2018 year end and the client is ecstatic.